Aladdin Gifts

offers a unique franchise solution for a limited number of qualified businesses

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What We Sell
All the daily needs of humans and pets.

Established product

Large inventory of branded and established products. The work of developing and establishing a viable business system is already done for you.

Business assistance 

Digital platform with every Soft ware to make the technology work for your business Franchise owners receive valuable assistance throughout the life of their business. As well as you receive ongoing training and help with management and marketing.

Low failure rate  

You are buying an established successful concept when you partner in purchasing a franchise. The chance of success is much higher than in independent start-up business.

We Sell All The Daily Needs Of
Humans & Pets


- Franchise business can be immensely profitable.
- All the sales owned by Franchise in there demographics

Star power 

Many franchises have brand-name recognition. Owning a franchise is similar to buying a business with built-in loyal customers.

Buying power 

Your franchise will benefit from the collective buying power of the parent company, which passes on the savings to franchisees.

What We Provide

Physical presence

- Company provide for the space in your interested qualified locations in Pan US.

- Franchise Fee $50,000/-which includes:

- The brand name, signage, web presence, Company will provide all the infrastructure, shipping van, Local area marketing, national marketing, shelfs, racks.

- Seasonal themes from time to time.

- Website access to the data , Company manage the inventory and pricing by the franchise.

- And local area competition.

- All YOU need is one owner and one employee model willing to work from 9 to 9.

- Should have a qualified credit limit from any bank for $250,000/-or cash for the inventory.

- All the inventory is exchangeable, non perishable, will have value all the time.

- Company will help sign the lease with the Land Lord and this lease can be transferred in 12 to 24 months when the franchise has developed its own credit.

- The company will provide a vehicle which will be run by the Franchise to ship and the saving ( Profit ) will be passed on to the Franchise, say an order of 200 items per day will get $900 shipping fee and after expenses the profit on shipping will be almost 60% that is $520/-( a win win) provided or owned by the company to the franchise., no fixed in contract to hold, all the applicable laws of the franchise according to the governance of the state and federal law.

- The shares of the company if traded in the stocks will be owned by the company and the franchise has the advantage of buying the stocks at premium prices.

1) The store is a physical presence comprising of 3000sft plus of minus sq.ft. with a store front and E commerce ownership of that demographic say about 2-mile radius.

2) That store will be run and operated by one owner and one employee minimum and the franchise has the permission to add more employees as needed.

3) That store will have one transportation van which will deliver / ship the online purchase products.

4) POS and inventory management system provided by the franchisor.

Your Aladdin Gifts Franchise Benefits

1. National presence

2. Reseller for all major brands and larges connection with direct contacts will overseas imports.

3. EB5 and E2A Visa compliance ( investor visa )

4. Unmatched quality with branded products and unmatched prices

5. Unique concept

6. Back up with many store presence in the market

7. Perfect supply chain

8. Marketing with big platform

9. We own the trademark and Brand name Aladdin Gifts.

10. We provide all the products fast and running in the market and tech support for e commerce

11. Legal support

12. All the required licences

13. Training

14. Back end management

Get The Power of Magic in Your Hands! Rub the lamp of the franchise and start making money

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